PSA| Sixpack & Dogwelder: Hard Travellin’ Heroez

In case you hadn’t noticed in the last year or so, I LOVE Dogwelder.

One of my favourite comic books (and now graphic novel series) was always Hitman, due to Section 8. But mainly Dogwelder. Now, you may think it’s a tad morbid to be fascinated by a man who never speaks and spot welds dead dogs to peoples face, but something about him has always struck me as interesting. Mystery really hooks me in to things.

I won’t spoil it, but in All Star Section 8, there’s more of Dogwelders past revealed than ever before (but then again, the fact he had the flu when he was 9 would have been more of his own history than we knew, let’s be honest here).

So based on this, you can imagine my glee when the following was brought to my attention.


Six Pack & Dogwelder: Hard Travellin’ Heroez is coming! The official blurb is as follows:

In the tradition of the original Hard-Traveling Heroes, Green Lantern and Green Arrow, Sixpack and Dogwelder are ready to bring their allegedly socially aware brand of justice to the lands beyond Gotham City!

After the events of ALL-STAR SECTION EIGHT, Sixpack is fighting to keep what’s left of his team together. Dogwelder has gone in search of his past, while newlyweds Bueno Excellente and Guts are dealing with some fidelity issues. Could Section Eight be done for good? But everything changes when a mysterious trenchcoat-wearing chain smoker offers our favorite dog enthusiast some clues about his true nature. Is Dogwelder everything he seems? Or is he meant for something greater?

You know what this means? Dogwelder is getting better… fingers crossed my dreams eventually come true and I finally get my stand alone Dogwelder comic book… Mr Ennis, Mr Braun? I’m available to help write it!


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