Monday Musings| Suicide Squad Soundtrack

SS soundtrack


In case you didn’t know, I’m really not excited for the Suicide Squad movie. It just seems like a cheap sellout.

The original trailer from Comic Con I was interested, it looked like it was going to be great! But as time’s gone on, and they’ve released more and more trailers, I’ve become increasingly annoyed by it. Then I saw THIS and I basically hit the roof, the shit hit the fan and I wiped my hands of the whole debacle. I understand that you need to make things more mainstream some times. But surely there was a way to do this film, without alienating life long fans and making Harley Quinn little more than a sex object with a gun (don’t get me wrong, I know her outfits have got smaller over years. But fuck me, at least she still looked like a Badass and not a twat with severe Daddy issues.)

Basically, I was pissed. And I have refused to speak about it with anyone since of fear of punching them (I’m a passionate little human).

Than then THIS happened. Twenty One Pilots released a great song. And renewed my faith in the film. Because normally a good song sets the scene for a good film right?

I will be going to see the film. Mainly because I can’t judge it seven ways from Sunday if I don’t see it, can I?

What are your thoughts on it all?



2 thoughts on “Monday Musings| Suicide Squad Soundtrack

  1. I wish I was looking forward to this film, but I don’t have much hope for it either. (I’ll probably go see it anyway though.) I wanted to like the comic, but unfortunately Harley was little more than a sex object in that too. It annoys me because she’s my favourite character and I have most of the books she’s appeared in, and I think she deserves better than to be treated as a generic sex object. Unless the film is better than the trailers, I think DC are going to alienate so many of their fans, particularly female fans who already have to deal with misogyny within “geek culture.”


    1. Haha yeah, I’m the same. I’ll end up seeing it and kicking myself for going.
      I think the way they’re handling women in DC in general is making a mockery of the whole fan base now. Even with the new wonder woman, where was the need to take something so iconic and change it that drastically?
      I lost faith in DC back with new 52, but the cinematic universe isn’t doing them any favours either!
      Also- some questionable casting decisions. Cara Delevigne? Really?


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