Review| Rob Zombie 31 trailer

Rob Zombie's 31 poster

Word of this film has been doing the rounds for awhile now. And a couple of weeks ago they FINALLY dropped the TRAILER HERE and needless to say, I was quite excited. Since the Twins of Evil tour back in 2012, I have had a lot of love for Rob Zombie. I didn’t think much of his last offering Lords of Salem, it just wasn’t to my taste.

But this trailer really has me hooked. For starters, I’m petrified of clowns, so the makeup freaks me out from the get go (although theres a woman in it that reminds me A LOT of something from one of the Black Adder series).

Obviously his wife Sherri Moon Zombie is in it, as she’s been in every other one of his its of no major surprise. And again she appears to play the role of “sexy”. We get it, you’re attracted to your wife! I personally find her really stale as an actress, what everyone elses opinions?

The trailer explains the plot in basics, and for me doesn’t leave that much reason to actually watch the film? In case you haven’t watched it- basically people are kidnapped, put in captivity and have to survive 12 hours without being murdered. It’s essentially just going to be a gore fest.

As good as the trailer is, I don’t think I’ll actually sit down and watch the film in full length, it’s all pretty self explanatory, and I find it really hard to connect with his characters, so ultimately I don’t give a shit who survives.

The guy punching himself and speaking at the start though, that was a very good touch…


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