Suicide Squad| Review. Obviously going to contain spoilers


If you follow me on Twitter you may know that I was in no way excited for the Suicide Squad film. And as of today, I finally saw it. And I was proved right.

The plot jumps far too much. It’s incredibly disjointed, with far too many flashback scenes. I personally feel there were several poor casting choices, unnecessary characters and in certain parts, if you didn’t have knowledge of the comic books, you’re left wondering what is going on.
On top of that, they’ve got the Joker running around like a love sick bitch, instead of portraying his and Harleys relationship as it really is- incredibly one sided and very abusive.

So I’ll start with what is truly the main failing of the film. And that’s the casting of Cara Delevigne. She really needs to get some acting lessons. Her portrayal of Enchantress was incredibly poor and wooden. Clearly cast for the sake of having another popular star in the film, she certainly hasn’t got enough talent or experience to play the main villain in such a large scale film
I also feel Margot Robbie was a poor choice for Harley Quinn. There were far to many shots of her arse cheeks for me to think she was cast as anything more than just to be beautiful/sexy and to attract a different crowd (had she been alive, I truly believe Brittany Murphy would have been the most perfect person for the role.) Harley also had some very poor flash backs. As Harleen Quinzel we see her at the ace chemical plant, jumping into the same chemicals as the Joker falls into in the Killing Joke. But without that prior knowledge, it is left confusing for some people. Follow that with her being shown something she truly desires, and it’s shows her holding a child with another in a high chair whilst Joker is portrayed as a professional. But they’ve got her dressed as some sort of Desperate Scouse wife reject?!
And then you mix that in with the random club scenes and it just doesn’t make sense. To me at least.
Batman and the Flash do make appearances, but Bruce Wayne is more in the end credit scene than anywhere else, and blink and you’ll miss The Flash (although that seems some what appropriate).
Now, the constant promotion of the Joker is something that truly needs to be addressed. He’s mostly in the flash backs. Brings nothing to the plot. Yet the promotion of the film relies heavily on him, and scenes that were in the trailer with him? Don’t even appear in the film. It’s a case of the most famous character carrying the film, despite have about 6 minutes of air time, and not really being all that worth watching. Perhaps if he had more scenes, I would feel differently. There wasn’t enough of him to fully discredit him or sing his praises.

Will Smith as always plays a great part, however. It’s essentially a Dead Shot film, featuring more of his back story and building more of an emotional attachment with him.
Jai Courtney as Boomerang brings some great humour to the film where it should be.
But unfortunately a lot of the jokes and other scenes such as Harley stealing the handbag fall insanely short in the film, and are often misplaced.
A lot of Characters aren’t utilised to their full potential either. Captain Croc and El Diablo have so much that could have been done, and considering how key ED is in the defeat of Enchantress and saving everyone, we don’t get nearly as much of him as we should!

I do have several other gripes, but this review is starting to get more disjointed than the film itself!
Have you seen it? What were your thoughts?


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