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I know this tag is beyond old, it’s basically prehistoric in the blogger world. But I thought I’d do it anyway!

1. Favorite movie of all time?
This is a hard one for me. But I’m going to have to say Sin City.
Or Lucky Number Slevin. I can’t decide!

2. Favorite Scene from that movie?
There’s a scene with Marv and Wendy before he goes into the electric chair that I find really touching.

3. Favorite actors/ actresses?
I won’t lie, I don’t actually have one!

4. Most annoying actor/ actress?
Jennifer Lawrence I literally cannot stand. And Cara Delevigne.

5. Best director?
I LOVE Robert Rodriguez. A lot!

6. Favorite guilty pleasure?
I have all four of the films in the Lion King franchise. That I have watched multiple times. I don’t even like disney films but there we go.

7. Favorite tear jerker?
I don’t cry at films, so I can’t really say one of these!

8. Character from a movie that scared you the most?
The Houses October Built, the little girl in the doll mask haunts me to this day.

9. Movie you love that everyone hates?
I’ve never met anyone else who likes the film Black Snake Moan. And I love it. I made my best friend watch it. He wasn’t impressed.
There’s also the batman movie that had Mr Freeze in it. That will always have a special place in my heart!

10. Movie you hate that everyone loves?
Dirty Dancing. I’ve never made it all the way through, nor do I plan too.

11. Favourite movie duo?
Nancy and Hartigan from Sin City

12. Favorite animated movie?
Lion King, duh! But I also love the As Told By Ginger movies from my childhood!

13. Actor/ Actress crush?
I used to have a massive thing for Josh Hartnett! But don’t really have one anymore

14. Favorite movie villain?
I should have done more planning for this tag… but probably the mother from Mother’s Day.

15. What movie surprised you the most?
Either the film Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, or the film Jug Face
Or The Woman. That was an odd movie.
And Haunter. That’s an interesting film too.

16. If you could only keep one movie, what would it be?
I couldn’t pick just one!!!

17. Movie recommendation and for whom?
American Mary- and for anyone who loves dark comedy and mild horror

18. If you could go back in time and marry an actor/ actress from back when, who would it be?
Oh wow, this one is weirdly too easy! Mickey Rourke, hands down!

19. One remake you wish had never been made?
Last House on the Left, or The Hills have Eyes. They didn’t need to be remade. And neither is as good as the original

20. You’re about to die, what’s the one movie you would watch?
Probably the Lords of Dogtown. It’s got an amazing soundtrack, and I love the story and everything about it! If you remove Sin City from the equation, for me this is the perfect movie.

21. Favorite movie genre and movie from that film?
I love horror, but specifically found footage horror. My favorite by far is the first Grave Encounters film. I was hooked from the start all the way through. It’s mostly jump scares, but definitely worth a watch.

22. What’s the first movie you remember watching in theatres?
My mom took me and my brother to see Tarzan when it came out. And I only remember that because it’s the first film she ever stayed awake through!


2 thoughts on “Tag| Movies

  1. 6. There are FOUR Lion King films? How did I not know this?

    9. Arnie has totally ruined Mr Freeze for me. Whenever I think of Mr Freeze now I just think of Arnie’s soulless voice making an awful, groanworthy pun – but I do sort of like it as a “bad film.”

    13. I used to get really into actors in TV shows to the point of watching things purely because I had a crush on an actor. I remember religiously watching Star Trek Enterprise even though it was by far the worst series just because I liked T’Pol. I think my most recent crush was Poussey on OITNB or Kristen Stewart. I’m such a queer stereotype.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Well the 4th one is called The Lion Guard and it’s about Simba’s son… but I love it haha!
      Haha with Mr Freeze I actually love one of the comic books he’s in, and every time I read it, I hear Arnie doing the voice… it’s borderline horrific!

      Liked by 1 person

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