Halloween| Far Too Many Horror Films

So this year I did 31 days of Halloween (well it’s 30, but I’m watching my last Halloween film tonight so shhh) And by that I mean I’ve watched either a horror film or a Halloween themed film every night since October 1st. And because I’m nice like that, I’m going to share them with you


October 1st… I had a Scream marathon. No I did not include the abomination that is Scream 4. It was a nice classic to easy my way into…

October 2nd… Halloween H20 and Halloween Resseruction. Not great films by any stretch of the imagination, but you know, it was a Sunday.

October 3rd. The Hills have Eyes. I still hate this film

October 4th. The last house on the left. Vile film. But the remake cut its most iconic scene in my opinion

October 5th. Martyrs. The original. Not the easiest film to watch at 4am with subtitles when you’ve got work at 7, but thus is the life with actual insomnia

October 6th. The Houses October Built. I talk about this film ALL THE TIME. Freakiest shit ever.

October 7th. House of a Thousand corpses…

October 8th. The reaminder of the devils rejects that I started the night before, but decided I would lay in bed for 5 sleepless hours instead!

October 9th. Lords Of Salem. My least favourite Rob Zombie film ever.

October 10th. Let The Right One in. The original. I love this film!

October 11th. Jug Face. I don’t recommend this film. It’s too weird

October 12th. The Woman. Again. Not a massive fan of this film, but actually worth a watch in the end. If you can find the previous film to the series Offspring, that’s also worth a look

October 13th. The Poughkeepsie Tapes. If you can find the uncut version, I highly recommend!

October 14th. Husk. What a load of crap!

October 15th. Hocus Pocus. I have nothing else to say

October 16th. A little known film called Midnight Movie. A bit shit. But watchable!

October 17th. Grave Encounters. One of my favourite horror films EVER.

October 18th. Haunter. Falls slightly short of what it’s trying to achieve, but it works.

October 19th. American Mary. More funny than anything.

October 20th. Beetlejuice. First time I’ve ever seen it. It’s a no from me

October 21st. Planet Terror. LOVE THIS MOVIE

October 22nd. The Faculty. One of my favourite movies OF ALL TIME

October 23rd. Corpse Bride. I wanted something creepy but cute!

October 24th. Sorority Row. Because why noy?

October 25th. Freddy VS Jason. Sometimes you just need a laugh!

October 26th. Hobo with a shotgun. Again, one of my favourite films!

October 27th. Zombeavers. One of my friends joined me this night, so I had to compromise and ended up watching this again. Worse film ever. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

October 28th. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.  I wrote a whole essay for my A level course work in shocking cinema on this film. I still loved it

October 29th. Gozu. After a long day at Comic Con my friend and I decided to have a quiet night in. And so we put on Japanese film Gozu. It’s more strange than a horror film

October 30th. Alice and Lunacy. I love Jan Svankmajer, so settled in for the night with these two and my puppy. Alice still scares the shit out of me to this day!

October 31st. You’d think I’d be all horrored out. But no. Tonight is a night for the remake of Halloween, the Remake of Friday the 13th and the most recent Nightmare on Elm Street.

And tomorrow? Well the originals of them of course!


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