Charity| Homeless Shelter


Winter is coming, so that means coats, jumpers, scarves and all those good things that keep us who living in a colder country warm. And if you’re anything like me, you normally buy new of all of them each year and get rid of the old. But no matter where you’re from, this year, let’s all donate our unwanted winter clothes to homeless shelters. I know a lot of people give their old clothes to charity, but homeless shelters seriously struggle each year. You’re still giving away your coat, but to someone who genuinely needs it.

A quick Google search can help you locate your nearest shelter, and a lot of the time they have lists of stuff that they urgently need. Warm clothes this time of year normally being high up there.

So before you throw away those clothes that are in good condition, just take a few minutes to see if someone out there really needs them.

Most shelters are looking for:

Unopened toiletries (including tampons, pads etc)
Most also usually provide a list of food they require, as most shelters run off volunteers and have very limited funds.


There’s a lot of stigma around the homeless. And people never want to give money, under the illusion that it will be spent on alcohol or drugs. But some of these people genuinely need your help. So even if all you can give is a jumper, you might just make someone’s Christmas


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