Fitness Friday| Week 2

I intended to keep this series going last year, but you know, I’ll give it another shot this year! As you can see, this is just a playlist of song I like to exercise too. It’s a relatively short playlist as I don’t like to exercise for long periods of time… Which is probably why I’m overweight (we’ll forget the fried breakfast I had this morning because that obviously plays no part…) so  this is the playlist I use for all work outs that I do at home (which I will go into in the next Fitness Friday post!

  1.  Genta Ismajli – Squat Baby
  2. Kevin Rudolf –  Blaze of Glory
  3. Rhianna –  Work
  4. Black Stone Cherry – War
  5. Kanye West – Power
  6. Andy C – Workout
  7. Jojo – When Love Hurts
  8. Tove Lo – Stay High
  9. Hailee Steinfeld – Love Myself
  10. Era Istrefi – Bonbon
  11. Justin Bieber – Sorry
  12. Moulin Rogue – Lady Maramalade
  13. Missy Elliot – Work It
  14. Sam Hunt – Break up in a small Town
  15. Maroon 5 – Animals

That right there is my main playlist. I like to have it varied, especially when running or using an exercise bike.

What songs do you listen to? Leave your favourites below!


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