Music Review| Enca


If you know me, you’ll know that Enca is my absolute Woman Crush. She’s a great singer, and she’s just signed to Universal.
But the last couple of songs she’s released, I’ve had to let grow on me. Bow Down being the main example. First time I heard it, HATED it. And now I find myself singing along to it and actually choosing to listen to it.

But last week she released Love on My Body. The whole song is in English, and from the clips I had heard on instagram/snapchat and the like, I was looking forward to it. Then I came to listen to it.
And I’m a bit disappointed. It’s almost like a bargain version of I got you by Bebe Rexha, definitely doesn’t show off her vocals the way it should, and it’s just an incredibly dull, generic soundingĀ and boring song. Where are the Dreq days?! I’ll keep giving it ago, because I love her. But I’m hoping she has better things to come.

If you don’t know who she is, search for her on YouTube. Especially the covers she used to put there a few years ago. Incredibly talented singer, and her own stuff is generally pretty impressive, but unfortunately not this one!

Star rating- **
Not entirely awful, but easily forgettable


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