Fitness Friday| 3

Ok, let me just start this one off by saying I bought a bike years ago, I wear running shoes as trainers, and I have ankle weights due to ankle injuries over the years from kick boxing. All one off payments (I’ve bought multiple skipping ropes so I can’t lump them in the same). So that being said, let’s get into it.

This post is just how I’m going to start getting fit. If it works, I’ll let you know timings reps etc. For now it’s just a few ideas…
So firstly: walking and jogging. Walking for me is the easiest exercise to fit into my life. Walking the dog, walking home from the station, even just a brisk walk around the block listening to music. If you want to map your progress, try Map my Walk. I found this helped me improve my times and even helped me progress into jogging!

Skipping. Remember that thing we did as kids with a rope? Yeah, a great body workout when you have limited funds, time and space. It’s great cardio, strengthens your legs, helps tone your arms and your abs as well! You can by skipping ropes from most sports shops. I started off by only doing 100 jumps, then progressed by adding 25 jumps at a time. I’ll keep you updated on this…

Youtube videos. If you’re reading this.. Chances are you have access to You Tube. There are thousands of workout videos, varying from Zumba to yoga. There’s something on there for everyone. Me personally? I’m trying to work on my agility

30 day fitness challenges. Now, these are a bit of a funny one. I don’t think they work in the 30 days, however, they do make sure you find a few minutes a day to carry out some exercise. So even just to get into a habit, I highly recommend these.

Squats. Squats can come under the previous suggestion, but I invested in some weights and (they were about £6 from Amazon and are 5lb weights) just to help tone my arms. Things like this and skipping ropes are easy to store, so even though it’s getting fit for free, a one off payment of £20 for both weights and a skipping rope isn’t really too much to ask. I do know someone who uses beans as weights though, so there’s that as well!

Getting on a bike. Most people have bikes laying around, or you can pick one up cheap on buying websites. I don’t particularly like going outdoors though, so I invested in an exercise bike and keep it in my conservatory. Again, not a free way to get fit. But it’s something you can easily find time for. I spend a lot of time watching YouTube, so I find a 10-15 minute video and watch it whilst peddling away on my bike. I don’t do vigorous exercise on it, but it’s better than nothing!

Do you have any tips on getting fit for free?


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