Review| Four Year Strong

If you know me in real life, you’ll know one of my greatest joys is music and going to shows. Occasionally I get dragged to a show of a band I don’t really listen to, and that’s what happened last night.

Four Year Strong are a band I’d never really heard of, and I certainly hadn’t heard of Homebound, Boston Manor or Chunk! No, Captain Chunk. But I love Koko in Camden so was happy to go along with my friend.

I’m going to state straight off the bat, I don’t do Mosh pits. I personally wouldn’t be able to enjoy a show and don’t like being shoved around whilst I’m watching a band play. Unfortunately I couldn’t avoid one during Four Year Strong. Someone jumped on my ankle and I’ve spent all day with it elevated because it’s painful and crazy swollen… I’ve got a bruise forming under my eye where I received the elbow of a full grown man, and thanks to some arsehat in the crowd I took 3 full pints of beer to the face. So as well as Four Year Strong we’re playing (and I’d definitely go see them again, but maybe get a seat at a different venue if possible) I actually couldn’t concentrate due to a far to aggressive crowd and not being able to enjoy the show because I was trying to hard to stay out of people’s way and not get hurt.

I did however manage to enjoy the support acts.

The first two – Homeland and Boston Manor- were British bands. Homeland were cute, and fun to watch. As the opening act there wasn’t much of a crowd, but they were good to see, and I’ll be following them from now. Boston Manor seemed to have their shit together a bit more, and had more of a following. They had a more uniform appearance, a more refined sound, and if you’ve ever seen the British TV show Skins, the singer was a lot like Cook in looks and in attitude.

And the final support act were Chunk! No, Captain Chunk. And they really were a highlight! As I had mentioned before, I had never heard of them, but they’re great performers, the French accent was adorable and they looked good on stage. The singer and the guitarist were both good screamers, and over all, if I had left after seeing them, it definitely would be money well spent!

As for the venue, Koko is one I will ALWAYS love! I tend not to take photos at shows, because I don’t want to drop and smash my phone. But it’s so pretty in there, if you ever have the opportunity to go in there, I’d highly recommend you do… Just beware though, it’s £5.40 for a luke warm watered down pint… but nothing is perfect!


3 thoughts on “Review| Four Year Strong

  1. Really enjoyed reading that! Live music is always a good time, can’t really hate on it.

    I haven’t heard of the band Koko, what are songs that I should be listening to if I’m just starting out?


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