Poppin Hoez

I’ve tried to step away from beauty blogging and vegan blogging lately. It’s not something I really have passion for anymore, and I’ve been wanting to focus more on other aspects of writing. But today I just want to talk about Poppin Hoez.

If you follow me on my vegan instagram you’ll know I’ve looking for a new vegan lipgloss. Someone messaged me telling me Poppin Hoez was their favourite gloss, so I decided to have a look and emailed them in regards to whether their products are vegan (they are). Now, I don’t actually have the products yet (I ordered two FYI). But I just wanted to one, make people  aware that they are vegan, two make it common knowledge that soon it’s going to be sold on Pretty Little Thing in the UK and three, I just feel like you need to shout out  good service when you receive it.

During my email exchange I was speaking to someone named Adele, and can I just say it was the best customer service I’d received in a very long time. She gave me all the information I needed, had such a good rapport, and I’m really truly impressed.

Yes love we are vegan approved ❤️
Thanks sorry I was late getting back to you!!!! Ingredients are NOT tested on animals either, many products in the industry including many prestigious lines are NOT tested on animals, (very few) however does not exclude the ingredients NOT being tested on animals 🐈🐾🐾🐾
Nothing we use has or will ever be used on any animal  for testing, 2017 it should not be happening. We are are huge animal lovers at Poppin Hoez, we right now before selling to the public “we” kristen the staff and myself wear the products to see if any of us have a reaction to them.  If for any reason one of us, find the flavour horrible (lol) we change it!!!!
As you can see they’re ethical, friendly and vegan certified. Once I have the products I’ll post swatches, but check them out if you can! Next on my list is their highlighting powders, but expect a post on them soon!



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