Live Music| Sum 41


I’ve been putting off this review because I’ve been trying to upload videos to YouTube for a couple of songs I recorded so I could link them in, but alas, that’s not worked, so I’m here now. 4 days later than planned, but here nonetheless.

Ok, so I went to see Sum 41 March 2nd at Brixton. I don’t like Brixton academy, mainly because it’s a bit of a ballache to get back to my little part of East London sometimes but I loved Sum 41 growing up, and I had to go.!

Supporting were a band name Hollerado. I’d never heard of them going in. And if I’m honest I’m not to sure how I feel about them. Don’t get me wrong they played well, and their songs are insanely catchy, but sometimes when a crowd doesn’t really get into it, everything seems to fall a little flat. I’ll be checking out their album when it’s released, they played a song called Eloise that I particularly enjoyed. If I get the opportunity to see them again, I will. But until then, I reserve judgement! Check them out if you like catchy pop punk, but they had an almost Sugar Cult vibe that left me slightly confused!

Now, onto Sum 41. They’re touring their new album 13 Voices. And the opening night song was the same as on that album A Murder of Crows. Now, Dereck really sounded like he was struggling (and if my video would upload you’d be able to hear what I meant) but as he got into it, my worries were put aside. We had seats (because I ordered the wrong tickets because I’m a bit dim like that, you see) but we still had a great show. They played Underclass Hero, which is actually my favourite song of theirs. Again my bloody video wouldn’t load!

The curfew for O2 academies is usually 22:00 but this show carried on until we left at 22:45 and we left early. They played a good mix of old and new stuff, and I won’t lie, there was even a few gems I had long since forgotten!

This was a great show, my only regret was not being in the crowd!



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