Fitness Friday #5



the girls

This week I was going to post a few of the girls that really inspire me and the sort of body I aspire to have and think is actually achieveable for myself. And I’ve ALWAYS loved Enca (terrible song aside, she’s a very beautiful girl). She’s curvy and I’ve always held her up as a bit of pinup.
And then I started noticing as I was scrolling through her instagram that a lot of her photos are posed in front of a white wall. Then the following photos came up on the discover page

eca 1

enca 2

enca 3

She’s such an attractive girl, and it’s quite horrible to see how much she does photoshop her picks.

And this all got me thinking after seeing some articles in the press about fake before and after pictures, that our mental health and our own image of ourselves is far more important than what others think.
I understand that she lives her life in the public eye, and she’s a 21 year old girl doing what 21 year old girls do. And this post is by no means to bash or shame her, because I’ve said, I do think she’s a beautiful girl. My point is that focus less on what you see on social media, they don’t really look like that, and focus more on your ownself. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, set small gosls and have a realistic version of yourself in your mind.
You can’t look like a photo of someone who doesn’t look like that in real life.


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