Music Monday| Anne-Marie

I have a little bit of a love/ hate with Anne-Marie. Some songs I adore her voice. Others (I’m looking at you, Rockabye) I can’t stand her.


ane marie

Image taken from google.

But I really enjoyed her first offering Alarm that I heard. And this seems to be a follow on song from that.
Sometimes I find that I like certain songs purely because they came out at a significant time in my life. And there’s a chance this is the same sort of thing.
It’s a great, upbeat break up song, and it’s empowering in the sense that it’s a reminder you don’t need to be sad and moping around.
And any song that reminds me not to be sad during a breakup, is perfectly fine by me!


Rating- 4.5 out of 5. It’s not my normal taste in music, but I like her voice being a bit different, and sometimes you just want to dance around your room


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