My 8 Gig Must Haves

gig must haves.png


In case you couldn’t tell, I have a HUGE passion for seeing live music and 99/100 you’ll find me in the middle of a pit, thinking that I’m about to die because my heart is going to give out. It’s not for everyone, but I enjoy it. But I get asked a lot what I take to gigs because I’m a germophobe who travels light. So I take my phone and some money like anyone would, but my 8 essentials are as follows!

  1. A side bag. Believe me, this is something you will 100% need. Taking a normal handbag can get in the way, and you can pick side bags up for cheap out of Primark, so you’re handsfree and have nothing to worry about (just make sure it closes by a zip
  2. Not all venues allow you to take chewing gum into a show, and all bags are checked, so my advice is to buy mints if you really need to, because they’ll confiscate gum at the door
  3. Wet wipes are always a good idea. But things can get a bit gross and sticky at shows, so they’re a must have. Again, you can pick them up cheap anywhere!
  4. I take my unicorn battery pack to every give I go to. It’s a godsend. I live in an awkward part of my area, so it’s not always easy to get to at night when I’m on my way back from London, so this has saved me many times from being stuck with no phone battery.
  5. A hoodie is always a better option than a coat (unless its snowing outside). A hoodie you can easily tie around your waist and it’s no where near as bulky as coat, or as hot as a leather jacket
  6. Now, sensible shoes should be obvious. I’m a strong lover of my Steve Madden slip on pumps. They’re comfortable to stand in. And unlike the 6 inch heels I’ve seen girls in, they’re definitely not a trip hazard or dangerous to anyone else feet
  7. Plasters are an odd one, but sometimes, you just never know when you’re going to take a glass or cup to a face and end up with a deep 1 inch gash on your face
  8. And finally, the thing I covet above all else. HAND SANITISER. It’s a germy, dirty place in these shows, and the amount of girls I’ve seen leave the toilet without washing their hands its vile…

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