Movie| Logan *Spoliers*


I am SO late to this party. But I finally got round to seeing Logan on Sunday. And I’m very well known for my pure hatred of everything Marvel, but I gave this ago and I’m so glad I did.
I’m sure by this point you’ve all read reviews and I don’t really have that much to add.
It’s a great film in general. I enjoyed the plot, the feel was very different to normal Marvel films and if you like violence and gore it’s amazing, although I don’t know why so many people were decapitated…
The acting was phenomenal and it was nice to see some real character development.
I do, however have a couple of gripes with the movie. For starters, I didn’t like Charles’ death. I understand he’s an old man with Alzheimer’s, however I feel like such an iconic character should have a far more iconic death than just being stabbed whilst in bed helpless by X-24.
And why did Laura turn out to be the only X-23 with a strong Spanish accent, even though all the others were brought up in Mexico and spoken to by the Mexican nurses? It just didn’t make much sense to me!

Rating 4 our of 5. It’s very good and I’d recommend watching it. But those two things were just annoying for me!


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