Taking back myself


So, that maybe a strange title. But I’ve been doing a bit of reflection lately and I’ve really let myself go. Looking through old photos of myself and how I used to look and dress and it made me realise just how lazy I’ve become. I live in leggings a tshirts, never make an effort when I go out. I’ve stopped wearing makeup and cant even remember the last time I did anything with my hair. And the might sound normal to some of you, but for me, I think this may be to do with why I feel so shit all the time as I was always dressed and made up a certain why.
So my plan of action now is to get myself back on track whilst still focusing on my fitness and weightloss journey. And here are a few things I plan on doing to get back to the real me:

First of all, finding bloggers and YouTubers who have style that I love. My three Favourites are Carli Bybel, Amber Scholl and Nicole Guerriero. I like the more glam but laid back looks for Nicole, so I’m using her as my off days inspiration, and Carli and Amber always look glam, and I love that they’re both vegetarian/vegan. Amber also has a lot of vidoes on youtube about living on a budget, and I am all about that life!

As I’m in the process of losing weight, I’m not going to mad on buying clothes. Just a few things here and there so I don’t waste too much money. But everytime I’m buying something new, I’m getting rid of two old things, as I’m inundated with crap I don’t wear. I eventually want a capsule wardrobe that doesn’t take too much though into picking an outfit.

I’m trying to add more colour. I’m now as Wednesday at work because day in, day out I’m in a full black ensemble. I do lobe black as I think it’s easy to just grab anything, but moving forward, more colour, more texture and patterns. Just something new and different.

Next up, I always used to get acrylic nails, but the last time I can safely say never again. So give it a couple of weeks, and I’ll be going for shellac again. I think well painted nails and good manicure are always good look and albeit I never stray to far from black or nude nails, it still feels good.

Hair I’m having a problem with. I’ve never been good with hair. I haven’t had extensions in years and I’m stuck. But I’m trawling through YouTube videos of a night when I’m on my exercise bike, trying to find people with similar hair texture for quick and easy styles.

I know this may sound incredibly vain to some of you reading this, and you know what? You’re probably right. But sometimes you have to invest a bit into yourself on the outside, to have more confidence. And sometimes when you look good, it can help boost your mood!




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