Poppin Hoez| Part 2

Ok, I FINALLY received my order from Poppin Hoez. And I will admit, I started to believe that I may have been scammed after 2 months of waiting.
But they’re here and I LOVE them!

I picked up two of the colours available in Pu$$y Poppin Pink and Stripper Glitz. I had to pay an extra £12 custom charge which I wasn’t best please about, but I had waited this long for them I had to have them.

Sent out in a pink holographic jiffy bag that was padded and well sealed made it a very cute parcel, and the packaging for the lipglosses was so cute as well. It’s a clear tube with a brush applicator, and a big gem sits at the top of the lid, so if being extra is your aesthetic, it’s definitely a good buy!

The actual gloss itself has a subtle bubblegum taste and smell, isn’t sticky on the lips, and with the amount of glitter in it, is surprisingly not grainy or gritty on the lips!

Will I be ordering them again? Probably not directly from the site itself, but there’s some online retailers that are going to be stocking them soon, so I’ll order them instead.
If you’re not a lipgloss person, they’re definitely not for you, but I don’t like matte lips, and the fact this lipgloss feels nice, smells nice, looks good and is vegan, well its a 4 out of 5 for me. If it wasn’t for the delay and the customs charge they definitely would have been a 5!


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