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paternt pending

It feels like it’s been FOREVER since I went to a show! But Friday night that all changed when I went to see Patent Pending.
I’ve never really been that into them before, but they’re my best friends favourite band, and so I bought us tickets to see the last night of their Spring Break Tour in Islington, London.
Now, the O2 Academy venue in Islington is TINY and I’m not always that fond of the O2 Academies if I’m honest. But off I went, with low expectations and a plan to probably not pay that much attention all night and just let him do his thing. We also met a friend in the queue who wasn’t a massive fan, but his friends let him down last minute so he was there on his own (Hi Jack, hope you got home safe!

I stood through the two support acts called Sweet Little Machine and Boy Jumps Ship. Both were good, but I really wasn’t paying that much attention in all honesty! Although I did get my friend the free download of  Sweet Little Machine’s album so I may give them another listen when he gets round to it

Back to Patent Pending though. I can hand’s down say they’re much better live than listening to them on spotify or wherever. There’s so much energy (you can really tell the blue haired lead singer had ADHD, it’s surely not human to be THAT enthusiastic?!). And I couldn’t tell you the name of more than one of their songs (Hey Mario is literally the only one I knew) But they did cover Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up and got the crowd to do the little Rick Astley dance (there is a video on my Instagram Kye_1705 of this if you want to see). It was just truly a great show, and I definitely recommend seeing them if you ever have the opportunity too… It also helps that there guitarist is really easy on the eye… I’m looking you Corey! (and not drooling at all…)



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