Beauty| Barry M Neptune lip paint

Barry M

So I’ll start this off with an apology just to say that I couldn’t get photos of swatches for this, because my phone and lighting situation were all against me, but I didn’t want to stop that from letting me blog about this!

I’ve seen these floating around for ages, and was tempted by the green one that in SPACE NK (I cant remember the name of it right now.) and I was going to buy Genie from Barry M… Then I saw this blue one, and it’s definitely got more of lilac sheen to it as opposed to coming out as true pink as Genie seemed to do when I swatched it.

I love Barry M as a brand, as they have a strict policy against animal testing and a lot of their products are marked vegan (unfortunately this isn’t one of them, but I discovered that after I bought it!

Overall I would give this a 4.5 out of 5. It looks pretty, it feels nice on the lips, it’s only £4.99, is my new lipstick staple in my hand bag and it last forever as lipstain. If it was vegan, it would definitely get a 5!


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