DIY: Box of roses

These have been floating around for agessss on the internet. And as much as I think flowers are pretty, I think they cost far to much money and I’m not actually keen on the smell of flowers.

Then my favourite Amber Scholl posted THIS VIDEO and I decided to give it ago myself.

As you can tell my photography skills are awful, but I thought I would show you the finished piece. All together this cost me £15.29 to make. If you want to make it yourself I followed the video, but I’ll link all the supplies I used below!

Round Box – £4.50 but they do have other sizes if you want it bigger or smaller 

I used black acrylic paint from Hobby Craft for £2, but you can use spray paint or any other type you prefer

The diamanté strip was £1.80 a metre from a local store and it had more than enough to cover the circumference of the box 

And the fake flowers were a bargain! They’ve since gone up in price to £9.99 but I’d highly recommend them. A box of 30 and they look great in photos and are of great quality!

The last thing I used was some old oasis I had laying around to line the bottom of the box, you can pick this up cheap though!


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