26 things I’ve learnt in 26 years…


Today’s my birthday, so, I’m bringing you a very generic, but hopefully interesting post for some of you (or you may just get to laugh at me, you never know!)

But here it is… 26 things I’ve learnt at 26…

  1. My Mother is ALWAYS right. About everything. Friends, Boyfriends, you name it, she called it.
  2. … Apart from that time when I was a kid and had blue hair, a screw in my ear and listening to Slipknot and she said it was a phase. I still only wear black, I just embrace my natural hair and am too lazy for makeup these days.
  3. I learnt how to drive. It too me about 6 tests, but I got there…
  4. … then I learnt that you actually have to do regular car maintenance, or you’ll sell your first car to someone and the head gasket will blow on them in two weeks. RIP baby 206!
  5. My taste in Men has declined rapidly with age. I don’t know quite how I manage it, but I do!
  6. Those miserable years at school wont last forever
  7. Not going to university wasn’t quite the travesty everyone made it out to be
  8. Owning a pink Juicy Tracksuit, Pink ugg boots and wearing them whilst having an orange spray tan and bleach blonde hair extensions WAS a phase.
  9. But Uggs make great house slippers in the winter
  10. Makeup is magic and I am a magician. I can go from a weak 2 to strong 7.5 in as little as 2 hours and 26 separate products (one day I’ll do a post about this. It will be a novel greater in content and in length than War & Peace)
  11. Algebra may not be useful in any walk of life, but it does let your brain be quick enough to work out quickly if you can afford to eat that week AND buy that new jumper)
  12. Leggings ARE trousers/Pants
  13. Life doesn’t always go to plan, and that’s ok
  14. My tonsils can nearly kill me (and given another couple of days untreated by my local hospital, I would have been dead at 22 from them poisoning me.)
  15. Reality TV is a waste of time. Unless it’s Eurovision. Eurovision is the best.
  16. Kick Boxing is the greatest choice I ever made
  17. Dating and falling for a professional boxer? Yeah, not so much
  18. It’s ok to eat my feelings sometimes, just don’t make it daily occurrence to eat a whole pack of biscuits and a tub of ice cream
  19. It’s ok to be considered politically neutral, but still have opinions
  20. It’s even more ok to express any opinions, as long as its not insulting or hurting anyone
  21. You won’t get anything out of life unless you stop whinging and go do something. And if you’re not prepared to do anything, suck it up and shut the hell up.
  22. It’s ok to admit defeat, as long as you can truly say you tried
  23. Spending £450 on a whim on a puppy will always be the best choice you ever made
  24. No one will notice your scars half as much as you do
  25. Diet coke addiction is very much a real thing
  26. Happiness is a priority, and if somethings not making you happy, leave the job, leave the relationship, and move on with your life.

Happy hump day, my loves!


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