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Although I’m trying to step away from the beauty blogging (you realise how hard that is to do when you want to keep your face off the internet??) I still felt that the odd post wouldn’t hurt in between film reviews and general ramblings. And I thought I would start of with the simplest thing today. And that’s my hair care routine.
I watch people on YouTube and just think some people do far too much to their hair! I like to keep it simple are the four essentials are use.


If we can excuse my very poor quality collage that would be great!
So my first essential is the Wet Brush. It removes all the tangles quickly, stop breakage (well, it keeps it to a minimum at least) and that’s basically the only tool I use. I don’t dry or straighten my hair. If I want to style it I pin curl it. So there’s no heat used at all. And for that reason I can now afford to only get my hair cut once every 6 months. I also only use hair clips and now hair ties to avoid breakage.
I use the cheapest Shampoo and Conditioner, It’s the Coconut Extracts from Superdrug. Always on offer, vegan friendly and it’s not annoyed my psoriasis yet and it’s been months so I highly recommend.
I don’t think I even need to make a comment on coconut oil. We all know this stuff is sent from the God’s.
I don’t like to wash my hair everyday, so batiste saves my life. Again Vegan. Just spray it into my hair of an evening and go to bed with it in (or use it as a substitute hair spray)


This final thing I’m not really sure if it really does anything, but I like to spray nenuco in my hair whilst it’s wet. It makes it smell nice and I’ve had lots of comments on how shiny it is, so there’s that!

So there you have it. And that’s how I still have a full head of hair and spend less than £6 a month on in!

Shiny blow dried hair from a night out… because why not?


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