Beauty| Bag Balm


Photo taken from Google because I forgot to photograph mine before I started to use it

This isn’t a vegan product I know, but I bought it on an impulse on Amazon before checking that, and didn’t think to check until after I had started to use it. And now I’m most of the way through the pot so I’m going to use it up…

So that aside, here’s my review. And I hate to say it, I’m really loving this product. If vegan cosmetics don’t bother you, then yes, I do recommend this! It’s made my skin incredibly smooth on my very eczema prone elbow, my once chapped lips are now incredibly smooth and I’ve used it on my face several times over night and it hasn’t broke me out at all.
It’s an insanely thick paste that people describe as Vaseline, but it’s a lot smother to touch, and almost more buttery (I don’t know if I always get a cheap tub of Vaseline or something but it always feel thick and a bit gritty to me.) I put this on all dry patches, all over my face including eye area and lips, and down my neck. I rub it in as much as I can and then leave it to seep in over night.
I noticed improvements in my skin after the first use and am tempted to see what it does to my eyelashes next.
The smell isn’t something I’m really keen on, but I haven’t found it really has much of a taste.




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