Movie| Death Walks


So, if you know me you’ll know I’m not very fond of the East London/ Greater London town that I live. Romford has a bad reputation, it’s a bit of a dive and has a tendency to attract trouble. So when I found out that the first ever zero budget horror movie was being filmed there, I was both intrigued and slightly concerned by it. But when the premier rolled around at the £4 cinema in Romford (the screening was actually free to attend) I dragged my two friends along to watch it.
And then sort of forgot about it until I was scrolling through Amazon Video last week and saw it on there for free. The entire time I watched it at the cinema I could literally just feel the glare of my friend whilst it was all going on, so I decided to rewatch it on my own and have a proper look.
I will give it its due, considering how it was shot and that a lot of the actors were locals, it’s actually pretty good. It’s not a masterpiece by any means, but it’s definitely worth a watch.
I think the ultimate pet peeve of mine with it, comes from the fact I know the shopping centre it was shot in really well, but I applaud their use of camera angles and positions to make it look like characters were constantly in a different place. When in fact they hadn’t left the 3m square area they had just been seen running through.
There’s a clever little twist at the end, that gain I  really enjoyed (I won’t ruin it, you’ll have to watch it for yourself)

I just realised I’m waffling and haven’t actually explained any of the plot. It’s essentially about a group of people trapped in a shopping centre trying to get out without being eaten by zombies. There’s several different groups of people, a back story of a missing girl, and as I already mentioned, a great twist to it as well.

And that is the shortest review/ plot summary imagainable…

If I had paid to see it and it was an actual film (as in a with financial backing and people who could act better) I’d give this a 3. But I’m going to give it a 4, and I hope more productions like this happen!


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