Ali Express find #1

With Music Mondays going well and Wednesday seemingly turning into I feel like my Sunday post needs a theme to, so I’m going to attempt to have an AliExpress theme. Will I stick to it? Who knows. I’m sponsored or paid? I bloody wish! But without any further waffling let’s just get into the post!

Photo taken from AliExpress 

This LITTLE SPEAKER was randomly shared on a Facebook group I’m part of. I’d been looking at one for ages, but after seeing someone post a video (and mention it was under £5) I decided to give it ago!

For the size and price I cannot fault the sound quality at all. I had it on in the garden the other day and even the neighbour was impressed! It’s light weight, charges quickly and is great for travelling.

My only two gripes are the annoying voice that speaks at the start and the fact it constantly flashes all the time it’s on, so if you know how to turn either of those things off, it’d be greatly appreciated if you let me know!


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