Music Monday| 1989

I had a whole other music Monday post planned for today, then this album dropped (and as I’m re-reading this at 4am I’m noticing that it’s got that I’m listening to POD… but I’m too lazy to change hat now). Back to my point, I then discovered that Taylor Swift had dropped her entire back catalog on Spotify… now I’m a Swift fan to the point I can sing along… but actually paying for the album is going a bit TOO far for me. 

1989 is definitely my favourite album of hers… and I’m not ashamed to say Out of The Woods is one of my favourite songs of the last few years. I’ve listened to this album A LOT since it was re-added. And I mean A LOT

Now was it petty and calculated to do this the same day Katy Perry released her new album? Well, yes of course it was. But I’m not really a Katy fan (as in I like about 2 of hers songs at a push) so I make no further comment there…


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