Beauty| Glitter injections dupe

Disclaimer- if you know anything about me, you’d know that my photography skills SUCK so this is the best I can do…

Right, now to the blog post! For awhile now I’ve seen the Glitter Injections floating around on social media. I’ve always wanted to try them, but I knew I would get very limited use from them, so I ignored them and didn’t give in (money saving is a big thing for the moment)… then I found them HERE ON ALIEXPRESS for £2.77 and decided to give them ago.

I picked up four l-r Q18, Q24, Q21 and Q17. And the only one I have to say I’m disappointed in is Q17. A swatch of the other three is quite opaque (especially of Q18, definitely my favourite) but Q17 is all a bit meh. But overall for the price? I’m more than happy!

They’re a lot less oily than I thought (I was expecting a Vaseline type consistency) so I find them pleasant to work with, but they require fingers, not brushes and getting it off your hands is a bit of a drama. They’re not overly long lasting but a dab with your finger any time you go to the toilet fixed that. And I found it easy (God only knows how) to get them off with a balm cleanser.

Would I recommend them? Yes, definitely! Will I buy rushing to repurchase or buy more colours? Probably not. But for the price I can’t complain, and they arrived in less than three weeks, so a win all round!


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