Beauty| Travel Makeup Bag

So as you’re reading this, I’m currently on the British island of Jersey and hopefully catching a tan on a beach somewhere. You may know that I don’t particularly like wearing a lot of makeup on a day to day basis, and what with the British weather actually giving us a summer, it’s definitely a no go. So as much as this is my travel bag, it’ll double up my day to day one (baring highlight obvs)

I think by this point we all know by now that I can’t take photos for shit, so let’s just breeze passed that.

As far as I am aware all of these are cruelty free.

So first off is my makeup bag. My boyfriend doesn’t really get my ethics so he bought me a Boss perfume for my birthday and it came with a teddy bear (which I adore) and this little clutch bag. And I like to make good use of it, because I’m soppy and want to use everything he gives me…

For my base I’ve got a Stila CC cream that’s colour correcting. I pay £3.99 for it out of Beauty Outlet and I’m really enjoying using it lately.

To set I have the Collection Prime and ready invisible powder. It does it’s job and there’s not much more to be said really!

My blush is a Milani one I picked up in the states last year. It’s pretty and it’s a good colour for my very odd skin tone- if you can get your hands on one, I recommend giving it ago!

My favourite mascara ever- I Heart Extreme in the pink casing. I will never part with this. Ever 

Thw Revolution pallet in Iconic 3 is small and versatile, so I it was my best option for travel. You can use it for a soft pinkish eye or go bold with a dark brown smokey eye. There’s even a gold thrown in for good measure.

Poppin Hoez glosses. I think we all know I love these things (I’ve just ordered more and one of their high light powders which I cannot wait to get my hands on)

And speaking of hands, there’s a Gelly Hi Shine nail varnish by Barry M in shade Passion Fruit. It’s a nice bright summery colour that looks good, and I love the long lasting formula!


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