A little life update…

A few of you may have seen my post a couple of weeks ago about a blogging break to focus on my relationship… well hun’s not only is it fixed, but we’re happy and now living together as of yesterday (neither of us can cook, I’m messy and he’s not, I stay up until 01:00 and he’s a sleep by 22:00 most nights) and it’s all gone to be a MASSIVE learning curve. But we’re good.
I have a girl stalking my blog and social media because of her obsession with my relationship (which is weird because she’s got a long term boyfriend- but hey ho people are weird at the end of the day!)
But it’s all going well, new job, new place to live, back on track with my boyfriend and a list of blog post ideas to last me the next 3 months!
In short, regular blogging will commence shortly ✌🏽

Just because 💕


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