Beauty| Mini Lush Haul

Are Lush hauls even still a thing? Who knows, but here I am with a mini one

So that blurry thing in the back left corner is Mask of Magnaminty. It’s amazing, it works really well on my skin and I love it.
Val wasn’t too keen…

Let the good times roll is another staple I get whenever I have the urge to shop in lush (which too be fair isn’t something that happens often but here we are). It smells beautiful, is a really gentle exfoliant and I just adore it as a cleanser. It’s something I don’t always buy, but I’ll always go back to!
Now for the two things I actually went in there for.
Well start with the product I do like, and that’s the Daddy-o purple shampoo. If you’re old enough to know what they are, this smells just like Parma Violets! Since I’ve just gone back blonde I thought I would give this a try as a purple shampoo is a must for me. I find it quite drying, but it definitely kills all brassy tones and makes a much softer blonde! So I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 because well nothing is perfect is it!
And now the thing I really don’t like. And that’s the Jungle conditioner bar. I don’t get these at all. It smelt horrible, it felt greasy and I just didn’t enjoy using it at all. And what’s with the £2.95 cost of the tin?? I definitely would not buy this again. I know it works great for other people, but it’s a 1 out of 5 for me!


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